Spawning windows in i3 Tiling Window Manager

the i3 window manager comes pre-packaged with a tool called i3-msg, which can be used to send instructions to i3.

For example, if you want to set a vertical tiling of windows, normally you would press “mod + V”. This can be done programmatically like so:

i3-msg split v

Note that the i3-msg is maintains the state that you set. For example, if you want to spawn three windows after setting i3 to vertical splits:

i3-msg split v
xterm -e <my-command>
xterm -e <my-command2>
xterm -e <my-command3>

Useful commands:

i3-msg split v      // split vertical
i3-msg split h      // split horisontal
i3-msg workspace 5  // spawn windows at specific workspace
i3-msg kill         // kill current focused window
i3-msg focus parent // switch to containing window